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Cast of Characters 

Hud Lynch (Chapters 1-19). Son of Mr. and Mrs. Lynch and main protagonist of these escapades. He’s active, verbal, curious, and relentless on questions. He likes to be the center of attention and tries to keep up with his two older brothers. He usually gets bossed around by his older brother, David, and isn't old enough—or cool enough yet—to be as cool as his older brother Steve.


David Lynch (Chapters 1-5, 8, 9, 11, 15, 17, and 18). Hud's older brother who shares the same bedroom. He's not quite as smart as he thinks he is, is bossy, and takes advantage of Hud's naivete and trust.

Mr. Lynch (Most chapters). Husband to Mrs. Lynch who teaches high school, college, and driver training on the side. He is kind, well-liked, a good dad, and always in control (though Hud often tests his limits).


Mrs. Lynch (Most chapters). Wife to Mr. Lynch, an emigrant, steady, a former nurse, wonderful cook, a good mom, and usually has salient, practical advice when needed (even if her boys don't understand it or want to hear it).


Steve Lynch (Chapters 1, 3, 4, 12, and 14). Hud’s cool, big brother and the Lynch’s oldest son. He's often not around because he's playing sports. Hud wants to be cool like him.

Mr. Evans (Chapter 1). Mr. Evans (nicknamed “Pegleg Evans” by Hud’s brother, David) is the Lynch's kindly next-door neighbor, a Vietnam veteran and paraplegic.


Alex Davis (Chapter 2). Next door neighbor and oldest of the Davises’ children, Alex is manipulating, insincere, and borrow-happy.


Meredith Davis (Chapter 2). Younger sister of Alex Davis.


Grant Davis (Chapter 2). Younger brother of Alex and Meredith Davis, a toddler who often runs around in nothing but his diaper.


Warren Sanders (Chapters 3, 10, 13, 14, and 19). Hud’s classmate and best friend.


Patty Richards (Chapters 3, 5, 8, 10, and 14). Hud’s main antagonist: loud, obnoxious, weird, and an enigma.


Mrs. Wallace (Chapters 3, 8, 19). Hud’s teacher who’s not 104 years old.


Mr. Beever (Chapters 3, 8, 10, and 19). Feared assistant principal at Hud’s elementary school.


Terry Tirebiter (Chapter 4). The Davises’ annoying toy poodle.


Heidi (Chapter 4). One of the Davises’ Great Danes.


Hildi (Chapter 4). One of the Davises’ Great Danes.


Mr. Despard (Chapter 5). Owner of the Armpit Theater.

Mr. Belikoff (Chapters 5 and 7). A sweaty, odoriferous gym attendant.


Grandpa Lynch (Chapter 6). Mr. Lynch’s widower father.


ER Doctor (Chapter 6). The doctor on-call during Grandpa Lynch’s emergency visit.


Mr. Flynn (Chapter 6). A "mobile" locksmith.

Mr. Hilton (Chapters 7 and 12). A friend and fellow member of the Lynch’s congregation.

Mr. Thach (Chapter 7). Fellow member of the Lynch’s congregation and former legendary English teacher.

Mrs. Piasecki (Chapter 7). Elderly woman, senior member of the Lynch’s congregation, and former math administrator.


Chesley Martin (Chapters 8, 14, and 18). Hud’s wealthy schoolmate who loves gadgets and gizmos.


Mrs. Tierney (Chapter 9). Chorister of the Lynch’s congregation and the Tierney brothers’ domineering mother.


Mr. Tierney (Chapter 9). Mrs. Tierney’s compliant husband and the Tierney brothers’ father.

The Tierney Brothers (Chapters 1, 5, 9, and 11). Mean boys and antagonists who cause mischief around the neighborhood. Despite their troubled youth, they turn out to be pretty great guys as adults.


Vickie Tierney (Chapter 9). The Tierney brothers’ shy younger sister who just maybe plays the piano.


Pastor Boal (Chapter 9). Head of the Lynch’s congregation and former athletic director.


Mrs. Canavan (Chapter 10). Hud’s math teacher and wannabe hippie.

Jim Harvey (Chapter 10). Hud’s classmate, future teacher, and legendary personality.

Pat Gillan (Chapter 10). Hud’s classmate, future teacher and coach, and all around good guy.


Ralph Kumano (Chapter 10). Hud’s classmate, future legendary science teacher, and all around good guy.


Tim Saatzer (Chapter 10). Hud’s classmate with a penchant for disobedience.


Mr. Strothers (Chapter 10). Janitor at Hud’s school.


Mr. Orcutt (Chapter 11). Curmudgeon living in the Lynch’s neighborhood who’s still waiting on his fundraiser popcorn.

Mrs. Brown (Chapter 11). Concerned citizen living in the Lynch’s neighborhood.


Robb Hilton (Chapter 12). Steve Lynch’s friend and owner of a not-so-vintage Ford Pinto.


Ed Glynn (Chapter 13). Owner of Flintridge Variety, a local novelty store and favorite destination for youth to get treats.

Chester the Locksmith (Chapter 13). Locksmith who picks the restroom lock and also helps rescue Hud from the restroom window.


Mulo Khatri (Chapter 14). One of Hud’s favorite pro basketball players and science teacher in the off-season.

George Madatian (Chapter 14). One of Hud’s favorite pro basketball players and librarian in the off-season.

Lou Vail (Chapter 14). Hud's classmate, friend of Patty Richards, and future legendary social science teacher.

Mr. Scott (Chapter 15). Butcher at a local grocer who saves the Lynch’s from having to execute Dean the Rooster themselves.


Dean the Rooster (Chapter 15). The unlucky merit badge rooster that becomes Mr. Scott’s dinner.


Mark the Rooster (Chapter 15). The lucky merit badge rooster that evades execution and enjoys a steady diet of miniature marshmallows.


Ulla Brutsch (Chapter 16). Mrs. Lynch’s friend from Germany who is fortunate to wear a sewed-on wig.

Mrs. Dye (Chapter 17). Hud’s and David’s piano teacher.


Mr. Dye (Chapter 17). Mrs. Dye’s husband who is friendly unless you get too close to the large bakery cake at recitals.


Darren Martinelli (Chapter 17). One of Mrs. Dye’s young piano students.


Sue Stinson (Chapter 17). One of Mrs. Dye’s young piano students.


Nick Larez (Chapter 17). One of Mrs. Dye’s young piano students, future teacher, and excellent coach.

Mr. Wilkinson (Chapter 17). The only adult among Mrs. Dye’s piano students and school administrator.

Mrs. Wilkinson (Chapter 17). Mr. Wilkinson’s wife and biggest fan at piano recitals.


Chuck the Barber (Chapter 18). The Lynch’s barber.


Mr. Angier (Chapter 19). Husband to Mrs. Angier, friend of the Lynches.


Mrs. Angier (Chapter 19). Wife to Mr. Angier, friend of the Lynches


Heather Angier (Chapter 19). The Angier’s daughter, friend of the Lynches.


DeDe Smidt (Chapter 19). Principal at J. Fuhrman Elementary, who wishes she were Bert Parks.


Gloria Baggot (Chapter 19). Nurse at Hud’s elementary school who has exceptional stamina at the piano.

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